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The New York LGBT Contra dance Series was started in 1999 as a way to bring the festive, friendly and fun American contra dance scene to the New York gay and lesbian community. Our style of contra dance is called "gender-role-free" or "gender neutral", where anyone can lead or follow and there is no reference to gender in the calling. Gender-role-free dance is catching on with our straight friends too, and this dance has truely become a place where people dance together regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or the myriad ways we humans are sometimes divided. We've been attempting to find a name that in some way reflects the community we have become, but that doesn't hide the LGBT base of this dance. For a while, the dance was called Center Contra, and NYC Gender Free Contra, somewhat inconsistently. In 2012 after much discussion we established the dance's name as Village Contra, for our location in Greenwich Village, which is also the historic and current center of LGBT community in New York City.

Cost: $12 (requested, but sliding scale accepted).


We are a not-for-profit dance and rely on door proceeds to cover the cost of our live music, callers, the dance hall, and publicity. Different forms of sponsorship are available for dancers or organizations interested in helping out with costs. Sponsors can choose to completely sponsor a dance, that is, pay for the entire evening, or they may choose to sponsor the band, the refreshments, etc. Another form of sponsorship is to offer to make up any deficit between operating expense and door proceeds for a given evening. For more information, please contact Carol at (718) 972-3191 or email us