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Dance Resources

Below are links to other web sites that may be of interest.

Other Contra Dances in the Area

Brooklyn Contra is a fairly new dance that has been held monthly, but the day and location vary.

Country Dance New York has a dance at the Church of the Village in Manhattan, Saturday nights - weekly during the year, except for the summer.

Swingin' Tern - a contra dance in East Hanover, NJ, once or twice a month on Saturday nights. During the summer when CDNY doesn't have dances every week, some of us take a train from Penn Station to a stop in NJ from which rides are coordinated. Check out Carol G.'s Dance news (see below) to make this connection.

Other NYC LGBT-Friendly Dances

Times Squares is an LGBT Modern Western Square Dance club which is open to all, regardless of sexual orientation. They offer classes that start in September and dances for those who have learned at least the Mainstream program (see their web site for more about what that means). The calls refer to "boys" and "girls" but anyone can learn and dance either role.

Two Step Together - Classes and resources for the NYC LGBT country western dance community and friends

Big Apple Ranch -- New York City's biggest gay & lesbian country western dance

Out Salsa NYC - an inclusive social group of salsa dancers of all levels, races, ages and sexual orientations which organizes groups to attend other venues in the area, and also runs it's own dances. Get information about "out" salsa classes for beginners.

OUTdancing - gay, lesbian, bisexual transgender partner dancing classes and programs at Stepping Out Studios

Other Gender-Role-Free Contra Dances

LCFD - Lavender Country and Folk Dancers is the parent organization of our dance. See their web site for information about other gender-role-free contra dances.

How to find Dances

The best way to find dances, is to let experienced dancers know that you are interested in more dancing events. Also, there are usually flyers for upcoming events located at each dance. If you google, you will find sites like Ted Crane and The Dance Gypsy