How to be a Dance Angel

Are you a Dance Angel?

A Dance Angel is:

  • Comfortable with and able to help a beginner with all of the basic and most of the advanced figures in our core repertoire
  • Capable of retaining the sequence of figures, pattern or track of a dance
  • Good at reassuring beginners about their progress
  • Skilled at assisting and directing a beginner with eyes and gesture, preferably without words
  • Acute in judging whether a newcomer is a beginner or an experienced dancer from other parts
  • Able to get the set back on track after a meltdown/train wreck
  • Willing to approach and welcome newcomers
  • Accessible to acquaintance by wearing a name tag
  • Happy to introduce newcomers to experienced dancers and hand them on to experienced partners
  • A model of respect for the dance by attentive listening during teaching
  • Unafraid to ask for repeated or expanded explanation if their partner hasn’t understood the teaching
  • Not shy about speaking up and requesting a walk-through if needed
  • Ready to change sets when that’s helpful, or even change partners
  • Willing to gallantly partner our perennial beginners
  • Someone who fosters a friendly atmosphere by making sure that everyone who needs one has an encouraging and reliable partner
  • A host who looks for newcomers at the break and befriends them