For New Dancers

We recommend for first time dancers:

  • Come early, say 7:15, and introduce yourself. We don’t  run an organized beginners session; someone may show you some moves and terms just to help you be a bit more comfortable. Nevertheless contra dancing is easy for people with two left feet. Dances become progressively more difficult as the evening progresses, so again, come early.

  • Please bring clean, comfortable, soft-soled shoes to change into after you arrive. Gritty shoes harm our aging floor, and create airborne dust as the finish is worn down.

  • Dress light. This is aerobic exercise. Experienced dancers may wear skirts, shorts and bring changes of tee shirts. Do not wear sweaters except for between-dance warming up.

  • Don't wear scented products. Some of our dancers are chemically sensitive, and can become ill when exposed to these things.

If you don't know what Contra Dancing is here is a web page with lots of information and some videos.  (The dances and instruction are not Gender Free.)