Queer Contra Dance Camp, April
13-15, 2018, Aptos, California

Registration Fees & Information

Pricing for QCDC 2018:

Queer Contra Dance Camp is very dear to many of us. As a sleep away, full food service camp, it is on the medium to higher end of dance camp prices, as you may already know. This year, we are going to continue to be more transparent about our costs and adjust the payment system slightly. Hopefully our new system will make camp accessible for everyone and financially sustainable.

How does it work?

After reading the explanations below, you choose how much you can afford to pay to attend camp, starting with a minimum of $110.00.

What Queer Contra Dance Camp Costs

The lovely campgrounds that host us each year charge us ~$180 per person for two nights of lodging and five hot meals. We spend about $8,500 booking premier talent so camp can have such fabulous bands, callers, and sound technicians. Included in that, there are costs such as snacks, insurance, and general supplies. All in all, it costs us about $300 per person to make camp run.

If you cannot afford to pay $300, that's fine. We want the weekend to be available to as many people as possible, including you. Pay what you can afford at or above $110. If you can afford to pay $300 for a full ticket, please do. If you can afford to pay more than $300, your registration will help cover the cost of folks who cannot afford the full amount, thereby ensuring a fun weekend for everyone and a financially possible future for Queer Contra Dance Camp. If everyone paid under $300, we would lose $7,000-12,000, which would make it much harder to have camp again. Please consider where you fairly fall on the scale and be as generous as you can.

Pricing Details:

This year is our second year of setting the online checkout as a fill-in-the-blank space instead of the set price of previous years. We've provided some sample payment brackets below, but we'll leave it up to you to pick the exact dollar amount you feel comfortable paying.

You are young, possibly a student, with little spending money but plenty of financial assistance from your parents.
Try to work with your parents to pay the full $300

You are a recent grad who is unemployed or underemployed and student loans are crushing your spirit.
You sound like a great candidate for paying around $110-$150

You have a steady job but finances are tough and you don't really have non-liquid assets
Maybe pay $170-$230, to help sustain camp without overstressing

You work a white collar job at a tech company or are otherwise comfortably employed
Please pay at least $300, regardless of your age

Life is good and you treasure the magic of QCDC
That's wonderful to hear! Consider becoming an angel and sponsoring other dancers by paying $400-$500. $500 covers your cost and completely offsets the cost of one low-income ticket!

Cancellation: Through February 29, full refund; March 1-31, $50 fee; April 1 and after, no refund.

Register by mail: Download the registration form (or pick up a brochure at one of our dances) and follow the instructions, to pay by check or money order. Make check out to SFBQCD, and mail to Registrar, 5643 Miles AV #2, Oakland, CA 94618. OR:

Register online: Click here to complete and submit the online registration form, and then return to this page to pay via Dancerfly (our new payment system that is made by and for dance camps!). (minimum $110 deposit requested at time of registration). You do not need a Dancerfly account to make an online payment, just a credit card. Note that online registration amounts include Dancerfly fees. Please specify if you are filling out registrations for more than one person.

Online payment:

Please note that DancerFly fees (~$4.59-$8.99, depending on registration amount, if using credit card) will be added.

Pay by Dancerfly here!
Payment by Dancerfly allowed until camp starts! Perks for signing up early! Minimum $110 check deposit required with registration. Remainder of fee due upon arrival at camp. If deposit only, please specify what balance you will pay at camp.