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You've probably seen them, though you didn't know it at the time. While you were nursing your latte, zoning out over your laundry, or waiting for your yoga class, they sidled by, so inconspicuous you barely noticed they were there. It was only after they were gone that something seemed...different. There was a sheen in the air that wasn't there before, a shimmer of energy like the sound of distant fiddles.

As you looked around, trying to pin down what had happened, what had changed, your eyes lit on a piece of paper, tacked or taped to the wall, that seemed to be emitting a steady pulse of delight. You looked closer, and realized what it was: a queer contra flyer, sending out its beacon of joy to everyone in sight.

You dashed out the door, leaving your latte, your laundry, your yoga mat, hoping to catch a glimpse of the stranger who brought this small promise of heaven into your daily round, but they were already gone. No doubt they were off gladdening some other bulletin board with a small snippet of contra dance cheer, unknown but not unappreciated.

This is the queer contra guerilla publicity you have what it takes to join? It's simple, really: all you need are pushpins, tape, some flyers (official or of your own design), and a will to bring queer contra to the masses. Spread the word, and spread the love.