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Welcome to the contra dance!

But what is it? Who's there? What do you wear? There are lots of answers in this high-energy mix of contra sights and sounds by Steph Hodge of the Concord, Mass dance.

Gender-free contra dancing in Seattle

The Rainbow Contra shows us the basic figures and infectious good humor of contra dancing in this video by Doug Plummer.

Queer Contra in motion

Here's a glimpse of our first dance camp in 2008. It's Saturday morning, and beginning and experienced dancers are getting into the groove. That's Chris Ricciotti you hear calling to the live music of Bag o' Tricks.

Queer Contra TV

Arcadia was interviewed for our 5th anniversary, answering multitudinous contra questions. She includes a plug for swirly skirts!

An introduction to contra dancing

Caller George Marshall adeptly covers "the rule of 8," giving weight and swinging. At Queer Contra, you can dance either role, so as you watch, forget about gender and remember: "gents" = armbands and "women" = barearms.

Dickson Experimental Sound Film

What is possibly the world's first synchronized sound film is 16 seconds of gender-free dancing from 1894/95!

contra audios

Queer Contra Radio

Organizer Mark Galipeau is interviewed on KRCB's Outbeat Radio. Mark begins at 7:40 —or for a musical intro with primo band Moving Violations, start at 6:25. Get rompy-tompy with Queer Contra!

Contra dance is on an upswing

"Like a rhythmic swirl of . . . twirly awesomeness. . . . (A) kaleidoscope, a weaving, a quilting with humans. Then there's the music . . ." Take a listen to Youth Flock to Contra Dancing on National Public Radio.

Contra dancing is the grandmother of all dance in the United States

Here's an interview with Susan Michaels (caller and friend of Queer Contra) about the history, influence, mechanics, magic and community found in contra dancing. Susan and several dancers explain what it all means to the spunky public radio reporter from KPCC in Southern California.