Queer Contra Dance Camp

April 10-12, 2020

Queer Contra Dance Camp is a queer-normative contra dance weekend in the California redwoods with incredible talent and an enthusiastic and friendly community.

Monte Toyon

220 Cloister Lane
Aptos, CA

6:00 pm Friday, April 10 – 3:00 pm Sunday, April 12

Sliding scale admission starts at $100

Food and housing included

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Dancing – Commuity - Redwoods

Our Camp

San Francisco Bay Queer Contra Dance's twelfth annual camp welcomes dancers of all identities and experience. We use the calling terms larks and robins, prioritize consent, and have gender-free facilities so that everyone can be included. New dancers will find that contra is an exuberant, social, and easy-to-learn American barn dance with roots in English folk dance. For experienced dancers, dancing as part of a community that prioritizes inclusion and everyone's enjoyment is one of the most magical and exuberant opportunities contra provides. Take a weekend away with us to dance, relax, make friends, and enjoy the lovely California redwoods.

This year's theme is "Way Out West" and we encourage those who enjoy dressing up to bring something in theme for our Saturday night dance.

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Aaron Marcus, Anna Patton, and Audrey Knuth

have all played at Queer Contra Dance Camp previously, Aaron (piano, concertina, foot percussion) with Giant Robot Nano and Frost and Fire, Anna (clarinet) with Elixir, and Audrey (fiddle) with Free Raisins. After playing together at Swing Into Summer in 2019, they all wanted to come back to Aptos just as much as we want to have them. Together they can make the most of their richly eclectic background, exuberant energy, and musical passion.

Mean Lids

bring their eponymous hats and mean musical skills from Illinois to our dance floor. Inspired by wide ranging styles including Cajun, Celtic, and old-time, Ben Smith (fiddle & banjo), Miriam Larson (flute & jawharp), and Matt Turino (fiddle & guitar), create an organic blend with grit, pulse, and sweetness. Their twisted tunes, long lonesome sounds, and kickin’ grooves have been delighting dancers for the past ten years.

Chris Riciotti

is the original gender-free contra caller. He single-handedly founded LCFD, the first regular gender-free contra dance in Boston in 1988. He is still a leader in the community and has only become more beloved as a caller. A longtime friend and supporter of Queer Contra Dance Camp, he’s contributed to our traditions of high tea, pop contra, and English Country Dance in the past. Now he’s back as a contra caller to share his breadth of dance knowledge, innovative spirit, and passion with us.

Maia McCormick

is a contra dance caller and choreographer from New York City. She’s been calling dances for the last seven years around the Northeast and across the country at festivals, weekends, and regular dances alike. She writes dances that are both compelling and idiomatic, is an advocate for safer and more inclusive dance spaces, and ran our popular “Folk Singing for Today’s Folks” workshop at Queer Contra Dance Camp in 2018. This year, she’s back to spread more joy, dance, and unrepentant puns.

Nick Cuccia

remains our wonderful Queer Contra mainstay on sound.

Our talent provides a full weekend of contra dance, with a second track of dance and singing workshops lead by the community during the day. Specifics will be announced as camp approaches, but workshop topics in the past have included waltz, consent conversations, English country dance, pop contra, traditional folk songs, playing music for contra, and much more. Sessions targeted to beginning and advanced dancers are also included.


Nestled in a grove of coastal redwoods in Aptos, California, Camp Monte Toyon offers hiking trails and a beautiful rhododendron garden. The cost of camp includes dormitories to stay in, five full meals, and a delicious spread of snacks throughout the weekend. Meals are served buffet-style with vegetarian and vegan options. Refrigerator space is available for those on special diets. Accommodations are shared rooms ranging from 4-10 people or campground space for those who would prefer to bring a tent to sleep in. Rooms are pre-assigned, and campers have the chance to express housing preferences and needs as part of registration. Campers need to bring their own towels, pillows, and sleeping bags or sheets and blankets. Local dancers are asked to bring extra bedding and towels for campers flying in from out of state.


Queer Contra Camp is 79 miles or a 2 hour drive south of San Francisco. Monte Toyon is only accessible by private vehicle, with limited parking on-site. If you can offer a ride or need a ride to/from camp, please let us know on the registration form. We are generally able to get everyone a ride from the Bay Area who needs one. If you are flying in, we recommend arriving at Oakland or San Jose airports by 5:00 pm. Campers flying into San Francisco may need to take public transit to meet their carpool and we don’t expect to have rides available for campers arriving in the evening.

Code of Conduct

We want all people to feel safe and comfortable at Queer Contra Dance. We value and expect consent and communication, community mindness, and physical safety. Harassment of any kind won't be tolerated. If someone's behavior is offensive or harassing during the dance, we encourage you to speak with one of the organizers.

Please read our Values and Expectations if you would like to know more about our community norms and how we handle unwelcome behavior.

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